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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Finishing Strong

Its coming down to the wire. We have entered the final trimester (cue Rocky IV themesong Final Countdown) and my thoughts have finally changed from nervous to excitement. I used to be scared to death that a kid would walk up to me and call me "Dad", but now I look forward to it (jk-ing here folks, sorry honey, I know you're shaking your head right now). Everyone told us that these 9 months would fly by. I'm sure here in a year or two I will say the same thing to my friends that are in this same situation but for me time has moved much the same as it always has.

We have done a lot during the past few months: one family beach vaca, one with friends, one trip to DC, one room overhaul, another trip to a Young Life camp as "adult guests", two multi-day backpacking trips (me only of course), a summer on the lake (albeit not enough times out), a full UT football season, the beginning of a basketball season (go Blue Devils & Vols), Yegi gained tenure (Congratulations!), I didn't get laid-off (Wa-hoo!), 7 baby showers (yes, SEVEN), 22 pounds gained by Yegi (thus far), 15 by me (thus far!), 10 hormonal temper-tantrums (and Yegi wasn't happy when I screamed either...), a major budget change (good luck Nama, see you in 5-10), 5 trips to the hospital with 8 overnight stays (sorry Cigna Insurance), 1.5 months of bedrest(thank you friends for all the meals, visits, TV show season dvd's), 3 weeks of Labor & Delivery classes(which included more video of lady business than I ever wanted to see), Thanksgiving and hopefully Christmas with our families.

We are heading into the Christmas 09 weekend and Yegi is doing her best to keep River swimming. Although I'm a little worried she might try and have him early just for the sake of entertainment. Her bed rest has been unenjoyable for the both of us (more for her). Being able to do nothing for yourself is not as fun as it sounds especially when your "helper" does not do things the way you want them too. I have been trying to mimic Yegi's procedure for each task she normally performs but realized early on that my college habit of not paying attention until it matters has carried on into my married life. Needless to say, we are both excited about her coming off bed rest and I am especially looking forward to have someone to play with...