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Monday, February 15, 2010


The past couple weeks have been busy. We have: had a new cousin born (W), spent time with friends, traveled to see family (packed the whole house for one night), continued working on the (infamous) bathroom remodel project, received a ton of AWESOME meals from friends and family (Paula & John, you hold the honors as best cook so far!), entertained visitors (which is easy and we love..."yes, here he is, hold him while I sleep..."), sold a vehicle (good-bye Treg), and a bunch of other stuff I am too tired to remember. Below is a photo blog of the happenings.

This picture serves three purposes: Documenting time with great friends, being the last pic of Emily before she birthed the W, and annoying Sarah Beth. SB hates having her pic taken and this has prompted a new goal: take and post a picture of SB every time we are around her.

Bath time is what I do. I think this is just before I finished, wrapped River in a towel, and he crapped all over me. Luckily we weren't far from the tub.

Erin & Erica stopped by and gave Yegi some much needed adult interaction.

Jax is growing like a weed.

We now have a 1 month old!

River got to meet his Great Grandmother Bible for Valentine's Day.

Mom gets me when I scream.

Nana & Dee rerouted their trip into White Pine to say hello.

Favorite line of the weekend: Betsy walks in the house and goes straight to Yegi who is holding River and asked, "Does he want me to hold him?". This was asked with all the seriousness in the world.

And then aunt Sonya pulled the bait and switch.

Noah found the toy bin in 0.23 seconds. Ejected all 30 of them in 1.8 seconds. And commenced playing immediately....this kid is a model of efficiency.

Jenny brought our favorite neice in.

Grandmother holding our little brown boy.

Aunt Anna running Addalee around the house.

She is so fun to take pictures of, look at those eyes.

This doesn't really need a caption.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The "W"

Introducing our newest cousin: Wesley Scott Jenkins the IIIrd (not really the 3rd, it just sounded cool.) Everybody is calling him "W" - pronounced "dub ya" or "the dub ya"...make sure you do too. Pictures below.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

3 weeks and counting.

I enjoy writing and taking pictures (sounds like the start to a bad e-harmony add), but uploading pictures takes much less time. Written blog coming later.

Cousin Jewels & Chris stopped by and helped us out with some 3 week photos. These are some of her favorites and other pictures we've taken these past few weeks.

Don't kid yourself, it was just gas.

First snow.

Favorite spot to sleep.

Interesting thought, let me contemplate my rebutle.

You came THIS close to getting IT!

Is my head really going to be that big!?

Favorite pastime (at least during the day).

Continuing with the tongue out pose.

And again.

Enjoying the flakes.