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Thursday, January 14, 2010

1000 Words

Someone once said, "A picture is worth a thousand words", so here you go...

About 5 hours before Yegi went into labor we had dinner with friends at Litton's(nice face Sarah Beth)

T-minus 3 hrs and everyone came over to the house to hang out for a little while. The preggo's wanted a picture together.

Yegi's water broke and we got to the hospital at 2am. The all-star team showed up at 3am and didn't leave until it was over.

My family made it in later that morning. This isn't all of them...just the prettiest of all.

Yegi feeling good after the epidural. Just before starting to push.

After about 3 hrs of pushing the doctor was afraid of her head bleed and we went back to the O.R. for a C-section where the nurses determined he was "sunny side up" and twisted which was keeping him from being birthed.

Introducing...River Cameron Cole. 7lbs 7oz, 20-inches long. Just after congratulating the doctor on a successful birth.

Meeting mom for the first time.

Dad and his size small full body Tyvek suit.

Meeting Grand-Lad for the first time.

Family coming to meet River.

Multiple generations of grandmothers. I love this picture.

Cousins Julie & Chris.

Family photo.

G-mother, Great-Aunt Sonya, and Nana.

Great-aunt Betsy, G-mother, and Madar-Joon.

Aunt Anna.

Aunt Jenny.

Taking a nap.

The women on mom's side.

More visitors. Soon to be in this situation.

Heading home.

Found out River had high Bili-Rubin levels and needed phototherapy. Children's Hospital set us up with a home unit that River stayed in for 24 hrs. Not fun but it did work. He's doing well now and no longer has Jaundice.

It was super bright in our house which made it difficult to walk around without sunglasses on.

We were so tired the second night at home so Yegi's mom came and stayed up all night with River while we slept. She held his hand all night so he knew she was there since he had to wear a blind fold.

Got my first bath at home.

Happy at home with my mom and dad. Thanks to everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers and for all the support. We are enjoying every minute with the River man and look forward to having him grow up with all of you in his life.

- Chris, Yegi, River, Daisy, Chaco