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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August Pics

Cousin Jules took some pictures again.  Here they are.

7.5 months in and mouth is still wide open but the tongue is working its way back in.

Lady Killer.

Fly over there.

Bird over here.

Love being outside.

I also took some of these pictures.


Momma kisses.

Very short attention span.

Hands are made for chewing.

River just told a funny joke.  Look at that face.

Good representation of the bear hug hold to confine his squirminess.

Hanging with Chaco

Funny that my hands were once that small.

Fish bowl

Our abode.

Fun in the rocker.

Getting ready to chew on something I bet.

This picture makes me think of a comment our California friend Lila made...He's so ethnically ambiguous.

4/5 Family Photo.  We only left Daisy out because she would be running all over the neighborhood smelling things.


Again with the lady killer eyes.

Game Over.

Here are a few from a cookout with friends, Accardi's welcome home party from a month working staffing a Young Life camp, and our visit with Mom & Grandmother last weekend.

Wes, Riv, & Jansen hanging out pre cookout.

Getting excited when Dad comes home from work in the florescent t-shirt.

Fully mastered the art of sitting up and playing.

7 months yo.  Party time!  Check out my moves.

Cousins.  Also a rare picture with Riv's mouth closed.


Found a chair just my size.

Dumbell curls.

Hanging with G-mom and my funny face.

Grandmother Bible.

Always so happy to be outside.

Hanging with aunt Anna.

Parting shot since the laptop is out of batteries.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

This is a long overdue post.  We went to Folly Beach, South Carolina a few weeks ago for a much needed vacation.  It's funny though how a lot of times vacation leaves you worn out and needing a vacation.  We loaded up my truck with Me, Yegi, River, Will, Laila, and both our dogs (Chaco - German Shepard, Daisy - Goldador Spaniel aka Mutt).  By the time I got everything packed up that goes along with the 7 mammals traveling together my truck looked like a gypsy wagon.  This is the second year staying at the same house in Folly with Yegi's family, but the first taking a small child on that long of a drive.  River was an absolute champ even when our 6 hr drive turned into 8.5 hrs and even more so when the return trip took 11 hrs because of traffic and an ill advised detour down a dirt road (long story, tell you later).

The weather really could not have been better and we got to enjoy the sun, sand, and surf for a week.  I finally got to do some surfing on some decent waves and River absolutely loved playing in the water.  Photo recap below.

Our little Asian rice farmer playing in the sand.  He dug that hole himself, amazing kid.

He looks really Asian when he gets mad.

Getting so big Yegi can almost hide behind him.

Favorite place to take a ride.

Hanging out with my pretty mama.

Eating a little sand.

Chaco got to spend more time than he normally does with River and for the first few minutes in the house he would sneak up behind Riv and sniff his head very intently.

Finally Chaco started letting River touch him (a.k.a. grab and pull whatever he could get a hold of), Daisy on the other hand was over getting her hair pulled and kept her distance most of the week.  River absolutely loves the dogs.

Hanging out in the Johnny Jump Up - one of the many toys we took that aided in looking like gypsies heading down the road.

Possibly my most favorite picture I have taken thus far.

This was the norm all week.  Put River down somewhere and a swarm of people would surround him.

Back to the beach with GrandLad.

Dinner out at S.N.O.B (Slightly North Of Broad) in downtown Charleston with the GrandLad again.

The whole crew at S.N.O.B.

We had a great time at the beach with Yegi's family.  River slept well the first night and the last night but in between it felt like we had a 1 day old baby that cried all night.  On night three I was tempted to pack up and head home so we could get some sleep.  We toughed it out and the week ended well other than the 11 hr drive home.  Just so you know, don't take I40 West through the mountains.  Yes, it is open, but only one lane and traffic is backed up for miles and miles.  Also...there is NOT another way around once you get a few miles into the Pisgah.  Well, that is not entirely true, there is, but the road turns to dirt (and large mud holes) about 4 miles off the interstate and the in-laws Nissan Murrano didn't stand a chance so we went back to wait in line.

We are going back again next year both for vacation and for Will and Laila's wedding.  While on vacation they booked the spot for the wedding and reception (Citadel House...I think) in Charleston.  I'm excited because River will be up and walking by that time which will give me someone to play with.