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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years

For New Years this year we tried to get together with some friends at a cabin in the Smokies but evidently everyone else had the same idea and we could not find a vacancy anywhere in the eastern time zone.  We did however find a nice place close to Fall Creek Falls in Middle Tennessee.  I say we in all of this but really it was the girls involved (Yegi, Emily, Erin, Michelle).  If it were left up to the guys to plan anything, I would not be posting any pictures from our fun weekend.  Contrary to what I imagined, a weekend with three almost one year olds and one girl who is about to pop (not really Michelle! you barely look preggo) in the middle of nowhere was very fun.

The cabin.

Kiddos and their parental units at Fall Creek Falls.

 Michelle, Patrick, and baby Cole (Cole Patrick Huch is what they are naming their little boy, I'm not making a very bad & inappropriate joke)

 Checking out the falls.

Getting ready to cross the cable bridge.

Devo/Cam & Andrew/Wes

 Checking out the view.

Yegi was too scared to join the girls.

 Big boy and his momma (who dresses oddly when exploring the great outdoors)

 Lion King moment.


 Cool waterfalls require family photos.

Accardi family photo

 Mommas and their boys.

 The Three Amigos

 So glad these two made it for the weekend.  Cannot wait for their big day.  Just realized we didn't get any pictures with them (sorry guys).  I guess Michelle did not want to risk it climbing down the moss covered slick rocks to the falls...cannot imagine why.

 The actual Fall Creek Falls...Falls

 Having fun in the swings (coolest part of the whole park for the little guys)

 Fisheye tongue shot.

 Wes is always so serious.

 The boys swinging it out.

Cool parting shot.