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Friday, March 4, 2011

I'm ONE!

*This is extremely late.  Pretend you are reading it in January.

A year ago our lives changed for the great.  The first week of River's life we were a little worried about what we had gotten ourselves into.  That first night alone we both kind of frieked out with the lack of sleep and strange sounds (crying) coming from the little playpen in our room.  The second week I was puking in the living room (stomach bug, not fear induced) while Yegi was trying to take care of both of us.  Thankfully Yegi's mom was able to come take me to the hospital (sorry again for puking out your window Ladan) and stay with us that week.  Week three things really started to improve and have only gotten better since then.

January 9th River turned a year old.  We had a family birthday party that weekend and then a while later he and our friend's boys who also turned one had their "3 Amigos" party.  Below is the photo evidence of both events.

I'm one!

The mastermind.

 The cake/centerpiece.

 All the kids playing before cake.

 River and his ladies.

 One with mom and dad.

 Ready for cake.

 First time trying cake.

 It didn't take long for him to figure out it was edible.

This was the best picture of 30 trying to get all the kids together and looking the same way.

 Mom, Grandmothers, and 2 of 3 Great Grandmothers.

 Trying on his hand knitted apres ski suit.

 Not enjoying mom's old jacket.

Mom & River playing in the snow.

Below begins the "Three Amigos Party" pictures.
 River and Cam waiting on their guests.

 Jenny and Addalee.  Addalee has her movie star pouty face on.

 Riding side saddle.

 River showing off his sweet ride.

 All the small kids playing with the riding/push toys.

 The bigger kids lined up to beat the candy out of a donkey.

 Davis putting the hurt on a penata.

 This was the most favorite toy of every kid there it seemed.

 Evidently the birthday boy thought he had dibbs.  Little George did not agree.

The three amigos.

 The girls and their boys.

 Grandlad and Granddad

 Making a deal on a new tricycle.

 Those two are amped because they know what is coming.  At this time Cameron is not 1 yet and has yet to be unleashed on a cake.

 Ready, Set, Go get dirty and eat more chocolate and sugar than you should in a whole year.

Adios, from the three amigos!