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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long time no see

So its been a very busy couple months.  We have started a new project at work that is farther from home which means I leave 30 minutes earlier and get back over an hour later (because afternoon traffic).  Now everything that I would like to get done during the week after work gets pushed to the weekend and many times it does not get done on the weekends because that is about my only time with River where I am not bathing him or putting him to bed.  Many of our weekends as of late have been spent out of town at weddings, g-mom's house, or visiting friends.

River took his first "long" road trip to Birmingham, AL which we used as a test for our beach vacation this year.  He behaved very well and only got upset a couple times when we wouldn't let him out of the car seat to play.  Hopefully the slightly longer trip to SC will go as well.

We started solid foods (solid as in mushed up veggies) a couple weeks ago and have found that River's tastes are somewhat of a mix between mine and Yegi's.  He has eaten the baby food very well but peas are not his favorite (see below).

Yegi's little sister Laila and her boyfriend (now fiance) got engaged a few days ago.  We are very excited about this because Will is by far the better half of that duo (I kid Laila...kind of).  They are going to get married at the beach next year sometime.

All these events and more are photo blogged below.

 Four months!

 Eating my first bite of solid food - rice cereal.

First taste of Peas.  Not a huge fan but he ate them like a champ.

Rehersal Dinner at Shoal Creek CC.  Beautiful place, very cool traditional wedding, and River did great at the hotel by himself.  (j/k, thanks to Laila for being our weekend Nanny in Bham)

 Enjoying the pool at the hotel.

On our way back from Birmingham we stopped at the Meehan's to see Camellia, her family, and her boyfriend Will.  Me with the Wills.

 The men minus Kavon - Camellia's brother.

 My lovely wife doing what she likes on the lake...reading.  Soon after this was taken we kicked her out to go sking.

 Cool shot of the boat with a fisheye lens.

Right after Will asked Laila to marry him he brought her over to our house to tell Yegi.  Little did Laila know everyone already knew about Will's plans and had met at our house to surprise them.

 Laila getting a hug from Kristen.

Showing off her ring.  Sorry Will, River was not impressed.

But Yegi was.

Will telling the story of how when he asked he couldn't get the ring box out of his pocket.

Cheers to the newly engaged couple.

Very excited.

Also very excited.

 Yegi's book club has get togethers every once in a while where the families come as well.  On this occasion we all met at the Pattison's for a cookout.  These are the young kids that were there.  From Left:  W. Jenkins, Cameron Accardi, Anni Neeley, River, and little George Brown.

And here are all the kids.

 This starts a group of pictures that my very talented cousin Julie Connell took of River when he turned four months old.  I probably doubled up some of the pictures that she posted, sorry if that bothers you.

Almost always a happy boy.

These feet are growing at an extreme rate

Still loves having his tongue out.

Big smiles for cousin Jules.

and cute ones for Mom.

River's favorite thing to do now is attempt to walk.

and its rare that he sits still while being held.

Family photo

Loves getting kisses.

Excited because he thought this was the last picture.

Confused because she was still taking pictures.

I tried to take this picture of all the kids to give to my Mom (G-mother) on Mother's Day, but it just did not work out.  This was one of three of the 100 photos I took that Addalee was actually present (she loves to run around now).

It took so long to go through this post River aged another month.  I told you he was growing fast.