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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Morning Lake Run

This was the first morning in what seems like months that we woke up with nothing to do.  Nothing planned, nothing penciled in on the chalk board, just a free day.  We decided to take a cruse on the lake because that has become Rivers favorite thing to do (and its always been mine).  We hopped in the boat and headed downtown.  Five minutes in River was sound asleep and he slept until we stopped at volunteer landing because we saw a steam engine firing up.  Trains are another new obsession so we thought this would be entertaining for him to see a real steam engine instead of Thomas or The Little Engine That Could.  Pics below.

 Nothing puts a kid to sleep quicker.  Another reason we need to move to the lake.

 Neyland from a different angle.

 I think I might have been even more excited about seeing this steam engine than River.  These things really are a mechanical engineering marvel.

 Getting ready to hook up to the passenger cars.

 Taking it all in.

 Coolest Saturday morning ever...

 Tourist pic.

 I love old bridges.

 Driving back home.

Lunch time break.

I guess we wouldn't necessarily need to live on the lake if this guy would let us live on his boat.  The picture doesn't do it justice, this thing probably has more square footage than our house.

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  1. he is so cute - and getting so big! Hope yall are doing well!